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What are Apex Coins and how can I use them?

Apex Coins are our currency that you can earn in game by simply playing the game. You earn 1 coin per minute you are in game and 1 coin per zombie kill on 7D2D. You can also earn 200 Apex Coins every time you vote on each server. The donor multiplier is applied to each coin per minute, voting rewards, and each zombie kill.

On each of the 7D2D servers there is an in-game shop that you can purchase items that you would be able to aquire in the world. You can check your balance by typing /wallet in game chat.

The shop can be accessible through the escape menu in game. The links for these shops can also be found at the following links:

Where can I vote and how do I claim my rewards in game?

You can get to any of the voting links by going HERE. 
To claim your 200 Apex Coins in game, type /claim in game chat on the respective server.

What is Predator Cash and what can I spend it on?

Every time you vote for a server, you will also receive 2 Predator Cash. 50 Predator Cash will craft into 1 Predator Token in game, which you can use to purchase in game Predator items. We encourage you to vote on other servers and make trades with people that will come vote for you on your server so you can aquire 50 Predator Cash as quick as possible to get Predator Tokens! 

What is the difference between Predator items and normal items?

Predator Items are revamped in game items that stand apart from normal. Vehicles go faster, tools hit harder, and guns do more damage. More storage, mod slots, and specs for all the Predator items! 

How can I get Predator Tokens?

We have made it that everyone has access to Predator Tokens and enjoy the Predator items. You can purchase 1 Predator Token with 10,000 Apex Coins, which you can aquire by simply being in game and killing zombies. Becoming a donor will give you certain amount of Tokens depending on which tier you are. You can also purchase Predator Tokens by themselves. 

How many Predator Tokens does each item cost?

1 Predator Token:

Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel, Hunting Knife, Ratchet, Lawn Trimmer, Paintbrush, Claw Hammer, Bow, Crossbow, Pistol, Lever Action Rifle, Hunting Rifle, Sledgehammer, Machete, Stun Baton, Knuckles, Spear
Auger, Nailgun, Chainsaw, Impact Driver, Ammo Replacement Crates, Minibike.

2 Predator Tokens:
Steel and Military Armor, Pump Shotgun, Auto Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, M60, Desert Vulture, .44 Magnum, Motorcycle, 4×4 Truck, Gyrocopter.

How do I become a donor?

We spend a lot of time making the servers run and backend stuff on top of our daily lives. Some people like to contribute to the costs if they are able to do so and we appreciate you with or without donations. If you are interested in becoming a donor and receiving extra perks you can click the button below!

How do I claim my donor status in game and on Discord?

Once you have become a donor, we ask that you create a ticket in Discord and provide the email you used, along with your in game name and Discord name. We will then assign your role to Discord and character. You will then type /vip in game chat to receive your donor items and status.

What is a mass land cutout and how do I claim it?

A mass land cutout is where you can have one of the APG Team Leaders or Admins come and cut out a chunk of land to help with your building ideas! People often use cutouts to make sunken horde bases. 

You can claim this cutout by creating a ticket in Discord.
Please include in the ticket: 
The coordinates of the cutout
The elevation at which you would like it to be cut to

Please add frame shapes to the outside corners of where you would like the cutout to reach

How many active landclaim blocks do I get?
On our PVE servers you are allocated 4 active landclaim blocks.
On PVP you are allocated 3 active landclaim blocks.
Custom, Vanilla, & Modded servers you are allocated 2 active landclaim blocks.
What is drop mining and why am I jailed?
Drop Mining is the result of any action that causes a large collapse of blocks.  This can be done by mining without installing proper supports for the mine, removing structural support in a POI, or by collateral damage from the use of explosives.

We suggest putting supports every 5 blocks under a surface to ensure that drop mining won’t occur.

If you drop mine you will be warned and the APG Team will be notified.  If you drop mine a lot of blocks, you will be jailed and the APG Team will be notified.
How do I join your Discord?

We post frequently about what is going on with the server, including wipes, changes, and events on our Discord channel. We highly suggest joining our Discord to stay up to date on all of the happenings and chat amongst others!

What do I do if no one is in game to help me?

APG aims to have enough team members across time zones to have someone available in game at all times, but there it is always possible someone is not in game to assist you. You can always create a ticket in Discord and one of our team members will assist you as soon as we can! 

Where can I make suggestions to improve the server?

Suggestions from players are always encouraged so we can make adjustments to the server based on what the players want! We have our own suggestion channel in our Discord where you can write anything that you think needs improving or suggest new ideas.

How often do the servers wipe?

Our 7 Days to Die PVE servers wipe every 6 weeks
Our 7 Days to Die PVP server wipes monthly
Our 7 Days to Die Modded servers wipe based on player activity
Our Vanilla server is intended to rarely ever wipe so players can play at their leisure. 

What do I do if I have lost my vehicle?

It is common for players to lose their vehicle, especially during schedule restarts. Most often their vehicle will be along the path they were traveling or where they first got on the vehicle. 

There are troubleshooting commands you can try to have Bishop deliver your vehicle back to you. The command is /vehicle (vehicle equalling whatever type of vehicle it is : /bicycle /motorcycle /minibike /jeep /gyrocopter)

If these commands do not work for you and you have searched along the path you were on, it will generally show up after a bit. If it cannot be found please create a ticket and we will locate it for you or replace it until it shows up.

Why is there so much lag on this server?

The Fun Pimps have not optimized 7 Days to Die to run with more than 8 people on the server. Therefore, there will be lag. Sometimes worse than other times, but you will encounter it. When a player is downloading the world, that will also cause lag which is why when new seeds are launched, the lag can be worse. Just please be patient and it will work itself out. This is another reason we have 90 minute restarts to ensure that the server is running to the best of it’s ability. 

Another thing we suggest to improve lag is to disable your dynamic mesh in the video settings of the game. You will have to log out of the server to be able to toggle this on or off.

How do I verify my Steam files?

Sometimes verifying your Steam files can help resolve issues where you are not able to log in. To verify your files, you go to your Steam library – right click on 7 Days to Die – click “Local Files” – then click “Verify Integrity of Game Files”

What is Donor City and how do I live there?

Donor City is a zombie protected grid of livable plots that donors are able to build safely and showcase their building skills around others. It is a central area where you can have vending machines for players to buy things from and trade with other players.. To get to Donor City you can type the command /city in game chat.

Why can't I access any boxes or loot?

If you attempt to use teleport commands while inside storage, a loot crate, or a workstation, you will encounter a glitch that prevents access to storage boxes, workbenches, and loot interaction. This issue will be resolved during the 90-minute scheduled restart. Regrettably, this is the only remedy for this horrible disease. Therefore, exercise caution when initiating teleport commands and ensure that you are not in any form of inventory to prevent this temporary infection!

What is bag/coin/level insurance?
Bag insurance can be redeemed to retrieve your lost if your death bag glitches or if your character becomes corrupt and can’t be recovered (this does not include books) 
Level insurance can be redeemed in the case your character becomes corrupt and has to be reset to level 1, you would get all your levels and skill points back. 
Coin insurance is for when your coins glitch and disappear, they can be added back