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How do I join the server?

To join the server you can head to the #ark-connect-links channel and click a button, alternatively the IP’s are pinned in the respective channels to add them to your steam server list.


What mods are used on this server?

For the mod lists you can head to the #ark-player-self-service and hit the mod collection button there for whichever cluster you are looking to join, alternatively the mod collections for each separate cluster are pinned in the respective channels.

What are Apex Coins and how can I use them?

Apex Coins are our currency that you can earn in game by simply playing the game. You earn 50 Apex Coins every 30 minutes in game. This amount is multiplied with donor status. (Dilo-55, Raptor-65, Reaper-80, Rex-100).

Voting for our Ark server will give you 200 Apex Coins per day.
You can claim 50 Apex Coins every 24 hours through our
#ark-player-self-service channel in Discord!

The shop can be accessible through the F3 shop menu after you have linked your Discord. Once you’ve logged into the server you need to first head to #ark-player-self-service and hit the blue Link Ark button, this will give you a command code to copy paste into the game chat on Ark, once this is done you can then hit the green Ark Shop Access button in the self service channel and you will be able to use the in game shop.

Where can I vote and how do I claim my rewards in game?

You can get to any of the voting links by going HERE. 
Claim your voting rewards in the F3 shop.

How do I become a donor?

We spend a lot of time making the servers run and backend stuff on top of our daily lives. Some people like to contribute to the costs if they are able to do so and we appreciate you with or without donations. If you are interested in becoming a donor and receiving extra perks you can click the button below!

How do I claim my donor status in game and on Discord?

Once you have become a donor, we ask that you create a ticket in Discord and provide the email you used, along with your in game name and Discord name. We will then assign your role to Discord and character. 

How do I join your Discord?

We post frequently about what is going on with the server, including wipes, changes, and events on our Discord channel. We highly suggest joining our Discord to stay up to date on all of the happenings and chat amongst others!

What do I do if no one is in game to help me?

APG aims to have enough team members across time zones to have someone available in game at all times, but there it is always possible someone is not in game to assist you. You can always create a ticket in Discord and one of our team members will assist you as soon as we can! 

I transferred maps, but my items didn’t download?

First off, don’t panic and don’t transfer back to where you came from. If this happens, first type /download into the game chat and your items should be downloaded to your character after a few seconds. If they are still not downloaded, make a ticket in the #help-channel and we can sort it out for you.

I joined the cluster and it’s asking me to make a new character.

If this happens, it’s likely because you joined the wrong map on the cluster, as in you didn’t join the map you logged out on. If you don’t remember what map you were on and are linked to, you can head to the #ark-player-self-service and hit the Where Am I? button to find out where you last logged out.

And don’t worry, you don’t have to load all the mods again, you can head to the #ark-connect-links channel and hit the button for the correct map and you’ll instantly be able to join in with your character.

I cannot access a folder in the cloud storage. There is a message that someone else is accessing a cloud storage folder when there isn’t

Sometimes the cloud storage will lock a folder as a result of lag or something else as a measure to prevent item duplication, if this happens just let us know in the #help-channel and we can unlock it for you as soon as possible.

Where can I make suggestions to improve the server?

Suggestions from players are always encouraged so we can make adjustments to the server based on what the players want! We have our own suggestion channel in our Discord where you can write anything that you think needs improving or suggest new ideas.

How do I verify my Steam files?

Sometimes verifying your Steam files can help resolve issues where you are not able to log in. To verify your files, you go to your Steam library – right click on ARK – click “Local Files” – then click “Verify Integrity of Game Files”