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IP: Port: 7781
IP: Port: 25575



  • Only 1 base allowed per player
  • Plot sizes 25×25 per solo player and add 10×10 per player in the group with a max of three (3) additions. (This does not limit clan or occupants)
  • DO NOT stack more than two (2) foundations high
  • Base height is limited to 15 walls above foundations.
  • ALL bases must have a sign with player’s name visible outside.
  • A player’s base will be removed if inactive for more than 14 days (any player that is taking extended leave beyond this period, please submit a ticket to have active status renewed.)


  • Do NOT build outside of your plot (on bridges/roads/etc)
  • Base MUST NOT block pathways or important resources
  • Base MUST NOT be built in ruins/structures
  • NO personal maprooms
  • Bases are to be NO closer than 25 blocks away from any camp or NPC spawnpoint
  • Base MUST NOT extend more than four (4) blocks into water. 
  • First person/clan to arrive at an event gets rights to all loot and bodies.


  • DO NOT advertise other servers
  • NO cheating
  • Every player must be in a clan, whether in a group or solo * players have 24 hours upon character creation to do so
  • We DO NOT allow racist behavior or inappropriate usernames
  • We ask that you respect all APG rules and decisions


  • Unnamed pets/thralls left in open world (not at base) will be removed. 
  • Limited to 10 thralls per player excluding worker thralls.
  • All thralls/pets/mounts must have player’s in-game name attached. 


  • Player’s Thespian must have items for sale at all times. After five (5) days of being empty the Thespian will be removed.
  • NO selling of pets.