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/SHOP or F3

Opens in game shop menu


Shows decay timer


Shows the number of your structures


Shows players online all servers


Used by player to kill self $$


Invite player to tribe


Lists active quests


Get details of specified quest


Claim rewards from completed quest


List of completed quests (not daily/weekly)


Gives player stats


Lists number of player bodies on current map $$


Track location of body $$


List tribe dino bodies, provides info on location $$


Set tribe discord webhook


Send coins to player (‘ ‘ are necessary)


Track player tames
-Shift + C to open UI to choose what you are looking forĀ 
-Shift + V to point to last dino searched


Add personal teleport


Delete personal teleport


Teleport to personal teleport


List names of your teleports


Public donor teleport


Lists all public donor teleports

/tp Fjordur

Fjordur Green Obelisk

/tp Crystal

Crystal Isles Green Obelisk

/tp Gen1

Gen 1 Mission Terminal

/tp Gen2

Gen 2 Mission Terminal

/tp Valguero

Valguero Green Obelisk

/tp Center

The Center Blue Obelisk

/tp Island

The Island Red Obelisk

/tp Scorched

Scorched Earth Red Obelisk

/tp Extinction

Scorched Earth Red Obelisk

/tp Ragnarok

Ragnarok Blue Obelisk

/tp Aberration

Aberration Obelisk

/tp Lost

Lost Island Green Obelisk


Change the gender of the dino you’re looking at


Dino finish clone


Dino have baby


Dino mind wipe


Dino raise baby


Dino reset mating


Retrieve player body $$


Retrieve inventory from tribe dino bodies $$


See how many gender change tokens you have


Change dino color using its name.
Duplicate names will result in a random selection


Used to change the color of a dino while looking at it