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Our Ark Omega server is now open!
Omega is a massive dino mod build around PvE ONLY. This mod uses dynamic generation concepts to create massive amounts of content, while keeping the file size and load times at a minimum.

This mod uses modified versions of the vanilla Ark creatures, and allows ANY of them to spawn with a custom ability and a custom stat tier. In addition to this, all creatures are rideable and can be tamed, no exceptions.This means no creature is left behind, no creature is given limitations as to which abilities or stat tiers they can acquire, and everything has a use.

Dynamic generation is also allowed on items through an imbue system that allows you to upgrade items via RNG generated affixes (buffs), allowing them to grant bonuses to player or creature stats, resistances, movement speed, and even some custom effects.

Omega ◉ Zytherian Critters ◉ Castles, Keeps, and Forts: Science Fiction ◉ Castles, Keeps, and Forts Remastered ◉ Awesome Spyglass ◉ Crafting Skill Potion ◉ Dino Healing Brew ◉ Dino Storage v2 ◉ Dino Tracker ◉ eco’s Garden Decor ◉ Explorer Note Tracker – Universal ◉ Items+ Companion ◉ Lethals Reusables ◉ MX-E Ark Shop UI ◉ Remove Cryopods ◉ RR-HomeDeko and more! ◉ Structures Plus (S+) ◉ Inventory Backup Screen ◉ Shadowhunter Cloud

Acquiring a stronger or higher tier mount through trading is against the rules.

No trading items to players that are unable to craft said items.

All tames and supply drops are first come first serve.

No building on player spawn points.

Please do not build too close to another players base unless you have their permission to do so. If you affect another player’s ability to build because you are too close you will be asked to move.

Remove taming pens when you are finished using them.

Do not leave tames out wandering the map on aggressive or neutral. Use dino tracker to find them and soul ball them.

Do not knockout creatures that you are not going to tame in the next 15 minutes.

When it comes to Mod bosses do not hover around and leech the items from the fight.

Do not spawn a boss near another players base. Use open areas such as the Desert area in Rag.

If you accidentally kill or tame someone else’s tame-in-progress. It is your job to either trap a new one for them to tame themselves, or tame it for them and unclaim it for them.

F3 Ark Shop is different, coins do not automatically come over with you, but we can transfer any amount you want if you put in a ticket.

Cross chat will work across all clusters, so you will see talk amongst those on all of our maps, as well as see all of our maps in the player list.

Tokens will be cross cluster, so if you have gender change tokens, or other donor perk tokens on the PVE cluster, you will see them on the Omega cluster, and vice versa.

Permissions are cross cluster, so what you have on PVE, you will also have on Omega.

Donor teleports will work on Primal Fear as well. Set personal tele’s just like on PVE, and the obelisk teleport names are the same as PVE.

The decay system is not cross cluster! If you do not log in on Omega or on PVE in the allotted decay days, you will lose your base, tribe, dinos, etc.

Each cluster has its own countdown.