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Even though this is an Ark PVE server and players cannot damage your base, they will still try to find other means. Please do your best to make sure your base and valuables are secure behind doors and locks.
This is a PVE Server – No base raiding! This includes sleeping player inventories, player bags, unlocked areas, crafting benches and storage. If it is not your base, body, or bag, you should not be taking anything.

Do not block access to tribute areas, monuments, Boss or artifact caves. These areas are meant to be enjoyed by everyone. The game is coded to block this but does not always work. If this is abused, we will have no choice but to end cave building.

Structure limits are enforced per map. Each tribe is allowed 5,000 structures per map. Certain individual items are also limited.

Teleporters are only allows at your base or outpost. Random teleporters will auto decay from the map.

The decay is set to 14 days, therefore if you have not logged in for 14 days, you will lose your structures, items, dinos, etc. This is to extend the life of the server.

Do NOT leave your dinos out. Please soul ball any dinos not in use. Too many dinos will lag the server. Admin reserves the right to ball them for you if your dinos are causing lag issues. The current dino limit being out per tribe per map is 75.

Keep Stryders soulballed when not in use. They should NOT be used as a transmitter as this causes a lot of drag on the area.

Do not log out while on a Skiff or put an S+ Teleporter on a Skiff. This will bug you out into the great unknown and take an insanely skilled person an exuberant amount of time to fix you.

No building on player spawn points.

Please do not build too close to another players base unless you have their permission to do so. If you affect another player’s ability to build because you are too close you will be asked to move.

Remove taming pens when you are finished using them.

Do not leave tames out wandering the map on aggressive or neutral. Use dino tracker to find them and soul ball them.

Do not knockout creatures that you are not going to tame in the next 15 minutes.

If you accidentally kill or tame someone else’s tame-in-progress. It is your job to either trap a new one for them to tame themselves, or tame it for them and unclaim it for them.

We have a player self-service section in our Discord. The encourage you to use this, we have implemented a daily VIP reward for those who get verified. Here are the instructions to do so:
1- Head over to our APG Discord – if you are not a member you will need to select the Ark Role in order to see the Ark Channels.

2– Click on the “Get Verified” button, then the “Link Ark” button.

3– The “Link Ark” button will produce a code that you will then paste into the game chat section of one of our Ark servers.

4– Now click on the “Ark Shop” button which will grant you access to the in-game Ark Shop.

5– Now click on the “Ark Shop” button which will grant you access to the in-game Ark Shop.

6– Tada! You are done! Be sure to come back to this channel daily to claim your “Daily Linked Points“

NOTE – You will also use the self-service channel to get your ID’s. We will need your ID’s anytime you enter a ticket, and you can only get them while logged in. So it is suggested you write them down.